Spiritual Renaissance

Spiritual Enrichment Committee

In 2017, Fr. Joseph Zingaro formed a Spiritual Enrichment Committee in our parish. The aim of the committee was to nurture and develop the heart of spirituality within the Catholic community of Bridesburg.
After a couple initial meetings and some time for reflection, the committee decided to dedicate one week of each month to deepening the faith of the parishioners, growing spiritually and better understanding our Catholic beliefs. They invited Catherine Joanne, who runs St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place in Ludlow, Vermont, to lead these weeks of spiritual enrichment. Catherine Joanne had visited St. John Cantius several times for Lenten and other spiritual retreats over the years, and was familiar with the parish and the parishioners with her.
She accepted the invitation to lead these weeks of spiritual enrichment, and since September of 2017, Catherine Joanne has traveled to Philadelphia every month to meet with parishioners for spiritual direction, lead a mini retreat and Bible study, and add to the 10:00 am Sunday Mass with her music ministry.
Catherine Joanne received a master’s degree from the Institute of Formative Spirituality of Duquesne University and a post master’s certification in spiritual direction and retreat ministry from Boston College. She has offered retreats and concerts throughout the U.S. and Canada, and now regularly brings her spiritual services to Philadelphia.
We invite everyone, parishioners and neighbors, to come take part in our Spiritual Enrichment.
For questions or to RSVP, call the Rectory at 215-535-6667 or email David Zagorski at parishservices@stjohncantiusparish.org.