Directions to SJC

Rectory Address
St. John Cantius Parish
4415 Almond Street
Philadelphia, PA 19137
St. John Cantius Parish is located in the Bridesburg section of lower Northeast Philadelphia. The Rectory, Convent and School Buildings are located on Almond Street while the Church and Chapel are located on East Thompson Street.
The Rectory is located at 4415 Almond Street, by the Almond and Orthodox Street intersection of Bridesburg. The office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekends are by appointment only. Please use the main entrance to the Rectory, pictured here:
Front of Rectory

GPS for Church and Chapel
St. John Cantius Church
4420 East Thompson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19137
Our Lady of Czestochowa Chapel
4410 East Thompson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19137
Please send all mail to the Rectory (4415 Almond Street, Philadelphia, PA 19137). Mail received at the addresses above will NOT be delivered.
The Parish property has approximately 70 parking spaces in three parking lots: between the school building and the rectory, behind the school building, and in the old schoolyard. There are three entrances to the parking lot, marked with red arrows on the map below: one on East Thompson Street and two on Almond Street.
Aerial View of SJC Property, © Google Earth. Click image to enlarge. Red arrows point to parking lot entrances.

A tilted aerial view of SJC Property, © Google Earth. Click image to enlarge.