As the saying goes: “All good things come to an end”. My vacation will end tomorrow and I will resume my duties at St. John Cantius on Tuesday. My time away was a restful one, seeing a part of our country where I had never been before. I left the Outer Banks last Saturday, two days earlier than I had planned. On Saturday morning as I awoke, my camper was shaking due to the 50 miles per hour winds and the dark clouds overhead. Rather than spend the time there in the rain, I decided to leave and drive to the Poconos where I spent the last week. It was a lot cooler there too. The temperature in the Outer Banks averaged 90 degrees. I knew that the temperature here was likewise the same, only the humidity made it feel worse. I’m sure a pile of mail and many messages await me as I return. I thank my staff for taking care of things while I was away, especially Fr. Konstanty, Fr. Wiktor and Fr. McNamara for taking care of your spiritual needs.
It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. School will begin in a couple of weeks, Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia, our parish carnival will take place. Before we know it the Fall will be here. But let’s not rush it. Let’s enjoy the time God has given us and spend it in rest with our family and friends.
Next Tuesday, August 25th, I invite all of you to attend the prayer session to learn how to communicate with the Lord in conversation in our auditorium. Please put this date on your calendar and make plans to come. Catherine Joanne, my spiritual director, is coming all the way down from Vermont to make this presentation to us. I assure you it will be a wonderful and great experience.
OUR DYNAMIC CATHOLIC THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Life is a journey. Where is your journey taking you at the moment? Is it time to make a change? If it is, I hope you will have the courage to make the change.
HOW ABOUT A SECOND THOUGHT?: Who do people say that Jesus is? Who do you say that Jesus is? Who does Jesus say that you are? These are three questions worthy of our attention.